Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I got my wife to support Sarah Palin!

I didn't mean to go so long without updating my blog but my wife agreed to put on the Sarah Palin wig and glasses and I haven't been able to pull myself off her long enough to write.

Tonight she is out visiting friends and thankfully left the glasses and wig at home because I wouldn't be able to trust other men to resist her.

Another good thing is that I was finally able to convince her to vote for McCain over Obama.

One of the reasons she switched was because she was able to identify with Palin after the much criticized Katie Couric interview.

After viewing the video, my wife teared up and said, "She is so just like me when it comes to politics."


FreedomLives said...

I this blog a joke? I ask because you really don't sound like a rational human being and I'm assuming that you are kidding. You are speaking for your wife AND pretending your wife is Palin just to be more turned on by her AND supporting a VP (and for Pres no less) because she can shot a moose and is "real"? Wow. I'm a life-long Republican and I found your blog searching to more info on the candidates. You honestly sound like a moron. And, in particular, like a misogynist. I feel sorry for your wife. I hope she learns how to think for herself one day.

Palin for President said...

This blog is not a joke. This is a very serious topic for me.

And what is so wrong that I dress my wife as Sarah Palin so I can get turned on by her?

It's not cheating. At least technically it's not.

And you accuse me of being a misogynist? No, I am just an electrician. Science was never my best subject.

Anonymous said...

Dear freedomelives:
Don't let this blog get to you. He's seriously pulling your leg and is really voting for Obama. His wife is too.
He's just trying to get noticed by Fox "fair and balanced news" so he can pull a 'trojan horse'.