Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Criticizing Sarah Palin for building bridges

When Barack Obama worked as a community organizer, he was praised for building bridges within the community.

But when Sarah Palin attempted to build bridges in her community, she got attacked for it.

So what if the second bridge costs $600 million?

Didn't the democratic-controlled Congress recently approve an $85 billion bailout for American International Group?

But I guess it's different for the East Coast elite.

Anyways, Palin already said "thanks, but no thanks" to the first bridge.

Don't you think it's rude to keep refusing gifts? In some cultures, it is considered an insult.

Besides, isn't it a governor's job to improve a community's infrastructure?

What do they want her to do, keep Alaska in the 20th century?

That's obviously the case because the media can't stop criticizing her from coming from such a rural, distant state. And then they claim they're not elitists.

Sarah Palin is nothing more than a modern-day frontierswoman doing her part in taming the Last Frontier.

And that is what scares the Washington DC elite.

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