Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Commie celebrities at it again

I never understood how liberals take their political advice from Hollywood celebrities.

I personally would never take political advice from a Hollywood celebrity. I would rather elect them.

That is, if they're conservative, which is what we did with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan and Clint Eastwood but unfortunately never got to do with Charlton Heston.

But those guys are true Americans. Especially Arnold who loved this country so much, he mastered the English language shortly after arriving from Austria.

Not like Matt Damon or Lindsey Lohan or Barbara Streisand or Pamela Anderson, who is not even American (although I would like to see her mud wrestle Sarah Palin).

All four of those celebrities are communists, especially Matt Damon whose hatred for this country is impossible to conceal in the video below.

Anderson and Lohan were equally as insulting to our future president.

In the video below, Anderson says that Palin "can suck it." But that's like Kobe Bryant telling Anderson to "dunk it".

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