Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Real Americans don't need passports

Much has been said about the fact that Sarah Palin didn't apply for a passport until only a couple of years ago when she planned to fly to Iraq to show her support for the Alaska National Guard.

But that is exactly what makes her so endearing to people like me.

I'm 45 years old and have never applied for a passport. Never felt the need to. As an American, I know that anything I can find outside the United States, I can find within, and then some.

Besides, why would I want to travel to other countries when they hate us for our freedoms?

If I want to experience a little culture, I can just walk down the street to my local Mexican restaurant. Or Chinese restaurant. I've even eaten gyros at my local Greek joint.

Most people who have passports are elitists anyway. They are people who would rather live in France than in the United States.

They are the ones who drink Lattes instead of Folgers.

They drive BMWs instead of Fords.

They watch soccer instead of football.

They say ciao instead of bye.

And they prefer to negotiate with terrorists instead of blowing them to pieces.


Anonymous said...

And as evidenced by your blog, a lot of real Americans don't need a brain either; they don't use them anyway.

p.s. Your wife sounds pretty cool!! I would try to make amends.

Palin for President said...


I'm hoping she agrees to don the Sarah Palin wig I just ordered.