Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sarah Palin is now as popular as Princess Diana

And just like Princess Diana, the media elite is doing its best to kill her.

But unlike Princess Diana, Palin is a gun-toting, warmongering hellfire who is not afraid to wage war with Russia.

That's the view from across the pond, according to an article from the London-based Daily Mail, who ran an article about Palin with the following headline and photo.

Sarah Palin is as popular as Diana in the hearts of the American public

Meanwhile, the American media is talking about how Palin has become more popular than John McCain, even to the point where she has to cancel various fund raising events to not leave his side.
Some Republicans say the changes come because Team McCain wants Palin to be more consistently at McCain's side - in part because she has been a far greater draw for crowds and press than the candidate himself. "We're seeing an unusual thing of a real teamlike ticket - so why not keep it up?" one California GOP insider said.

Perhaps McCain should start wearing lipstick.

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David Leazenby said...

With a name so timid will she be brought forth,
That the three sisters will have the name of destiny:
Then she will lead a great people by tongue and deed,
More than any other will she have fame and renown.

.......Nostradamus for the year 2009