Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarah Palin supporters show their passion for the Mother of America

I have to admit, I can completely relate to the guys in this video because like them, I didn't pay much attention to politics until Sarah Palin emerged on the scene.

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fishstick said...

Oops! Palin lost the election. And I mean she lost it. McCain might have actually pulled it off were it not for a Palin who caricaturized herself straight out of the cannon.
She pulled that campaign down just by opening her mouth. See Russia from Alaska? Afghanistan is a neighboring country? The vice-president actually works with the Senate to get things done as opposed to being merely a tie-breaker?
Nice try, but Palin is a sosiopath who cares about no one but herself.
She even threw McCain under the bus by telling reporters after the election was called that she had nothing to do with "McCain's loss".
She will be watched by many for the next four years, but most watchers will be on the other side of the political fence. She is dangerous and she will be watched. As will her Third Movement.