Sunday, October 19, 2008

A letter from a pro-America portion of the United States

If it were up to the mainstream media, we would all think that Sarah Palin has no chance of being elected to the presidential office.

But every once in a while, the media allows a letter to the editor to slip through the cracks that proves that real Americans support Sarah Palin.

Here is a recent example, which was published by The Arizona Republic.

Does the writer of the letter "Do you really want a novice for VP?" (Tuesday) see the incredible irony that their presidential candidate has essentially no experience? Indeed, Sarah Palin, a sitting governor and former mayor, has more executive experience than Obama, McCain and Biden combined.

I wonder if the letter writer criticized the lack of experience in the "small-state governor" Bill Clinton? I doubt it.

What voters need to look at is the incredible lack of experience in Barack Obama. He has been running for president nearly his entire Senate tenure and has accomplished nothing.

All he has to show for his 143 days of service is the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate - yes, even more liberal than socialist Bernie Sanders.

Indeed, Barack Obama's chief accomplishment is community organizing with ACORN, a corrupt "voter-registration organization" that is having its Las Vegas office raided for fraud as I write this letter.

Barack Obama is without doubt the least qualified person to ever run for U.S. president and is, in reality, a puppet for left-wing radicals who seek to turn the United States into another France. Please investigate before you vote! - Dave Jenkins, Glendale

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